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This app is designed to work on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile. It'll ensure that, all the features of components will not be disturbed based on the screen size of user. Also, this reduces the burden on you,clearing stuffs and remembering the money spent.

Currently launching for the multi-market we are ready to cover multiple discipline aspects on the same. Partnering with the leading brands, and bringing in POS/gateway coverage.

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Personal | 100% Free

Be free from the clusters of papers piled up on your desks, wallets and bags. With the latest feature of bills stored in the apps, not only your work management is easier but it also contributes your bit to the environment. You’ve got a lot of other stuffs to do rather than looking after various invoices.

With the schedules covered up for the payments of both online and offline payments your desk and pockets getting loaded with papers in now history.

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Business | 100% Free

Maintain and manage your and employees’ expenses with just certain clicks on any of your devices computer, tablet and/or mobile. With a single app maintaining all your bills you may focus on other more important works and additionally it’s less of a hassle with Dueclarity's App-bill way!

Get the plans perfectly panned out for your company size & requirements and leave the rest to us.

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Biller | 100% Free

The smaller businesses which may not be requiring a system as big, a simpler and a smaller version is available. It gives you the access to a multidimensional dashboard to keep a record of your inventories, purchases and sales all in a single place. Maintaining those bill-books and juggling with those tedious calculations are a thing of past now.

This makes the thing pretty easy for the admin's of the Company to look into regular calculations for hours/days/month. We have loads of customisation options and much more with future customer oriented updates.

If you represent Biller, 2018 Release

POS/Gateway | API

AppBills comes with and integrated API access for leading payment gateways, thus getting those bills and dues solely to a single digital platform. Yes, you help your clients not only making the payments but maintaining their invoices at a single platform too. What could be better than a single place to keep a hold of all the invoices and a medium to make payments for them too.

This becomes available fir online & offline, with single click API integration at volume prices. So we are building a round about solution, so everyone has got on something more special.

We have merged with Richiesoft, 2018 | Release


VR | Consu-Finlabs

It is our team's second startup, also associated with Richiesoft. Got into the R/D of IOT OS, and the board made a direct shift towards the best need missing in market. The brand new line at consumer fintech, makes us to innovate more better.

The crew is all set to handle the development of excellent scaling, that can help Richiesoft take Dueclarity, much ahead in VR Computing. We are revealing much about this now, watch this space for something exciting.

Know our parent firm, View Richiesoft homepage

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Access for POS/Gateway with our API.

2018 | 5, May